Download/Installation process


The system is contained in a zipped file about 220 MB in size. A high -speed Internet connection is required. The name of the file is “” because it consists of a custom configuration of the “Server2Go” system. Find out more about the free “Server2Go” system.

If only the updates are needed, download the updates file and unzip to the folder /Server2Go/htdocs. (File is a zipped file 40 MB in size).

Installation steps are as follows:

  1. Download the zipped system file.
  2. Unzip the file to an external hard drive or flash drive (minimum 2 GB recommended).
  3. On Windows XP and Vista start the system using “Auto Play” (or double click the executable “Server2Go.exe”). On Windows 7 the only option is to double click the executable file (“Server2Go.exe”).
  4. After a brief pause a splash screen displays and the system takes 10 – 30 seconds to start.
  5. Configure the system, if different operating requirements exist.


Uninstalling the system is also fairly simple. Just unplug the external drive or flash drive (or delete the server2go folders). If the system is installed on the “C” drive, just delete the server2go folders and files.


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