Intended audience

The software is intended for use by both internal and external auditors, researchers, program monitors, students learning data analysis, business analysts and anyone else interested in performing data analytics in a more efficient and effective manner.


Web CAAT is an open source audit tool used for analytics support and in fraud investigation.  It can analyze data in Excel, Access or delimited text format, and optionally uses the MySQL database system.  Web CAAT is menu driven and operates under both Windows, Macintosh and Unix operating systems.


The purpose of this monograph is to provide a practical guide to analytic review procedures using Web CAAT. The auditor does not need special computer skills in order to be able to perform these tests because they are largely menu driven with “fill in the blanks”

Who Should Use It

Auditors, researchers, business analysts and academics who use data analysis to perform their jobs. Auditors: can use the software to for a variety of common audit tasks. Altogether, over 40 useful analytical audit functions are included; Researchers: use the software for: o Data analysis, trend investigation o Preparation of statistical reports and charts